Our son was lucky to get to work with Kolby Kail when she substituted for a speech teacher on maternity leave as well as in private one on one sessions.  Kolby’s insight into the speech challenges of autistic kids is excellent. She has done the best job of identifying, understanding, and addressing my son’s speech challenges of any of the speech therapists we have worked with on this journey. She is a  also a wise and helpful advocate for her students, and had plenty of great ideas regarding how I could work with my son’s school to get him the help he needed. 
My son worked one on one with Kolby one a week for around 5 months and she made a significant difference in his speech.  She is gentle and kind but works kids hard.  She was very good at helping my son to understand his speech patterns and how to change them, while still being very positive.  My son is able to articulate what he learned from her and other therapists who work with him have been impressed with his ability to identify and correct the disfluencies in his speech.  I would highly recommend Kolby for kids who need intensive help especially those with additional learning challenges such as autism or ADHD.

-Bridget Smith

Kolby did a wonderful job working with my 4-year old son.  I was impressed at the speed in which he made improvements in his speech.  She also made speech therapy fun so my son enjoyed their time together. On a tough day when my son didn't want to go to speech therapy Kolby's compassion, care, and skill with working with kids really shone.  I highly recommend Kolby as a speech therapist based on her skills, warmth, and professionalism."

Sheri H ~ Carlsbad, CA

"My son just loves Kolby and has been doing so well since he starting going to his speech sessions twice a week. He went from a child that I had to pry away from video games to get him to go outside, to one that actually enjoys playing outside and making new friends. 
There really aren't any words that can express how thankful I am for what she has done for my son in such a short amount of time. My son did not even want to go to speech, but once he met with Kolby he wanted to go and had fun. I'm very happy that his first experience with speech was a good one, because I'm sure it would have been a very difficult year getting him to go without her." 

Mindy ~ Oceanside, CA 

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"My 11 year old daughter was referred for a speech/language screening by her sixth grade teacher, who raised concerns about her speech fluency. She had stuttered on doff for as long as I could remember, but because she was not really aware of it and it was not negatively impacting her academically or socially, we had not perused services. With the new challenges of middle school around the corner, the situation had changed and it became apparent that she would benefit from speech therapy. Though she was screened at her public school, my daughter was adamant that she did not feel comfortable receiving pullout speech services at school, and knowing that comfort is essential to the success of the program to ameliorate stuttering, we decided to seek private therapy.
When we first met Kolby Kail, she spent the first session not only assessing but establishing rapport with my daughter. She let us know that it was crucial that they both feel comfortable with each other, and that they had to click in order to maximize the potential forsuccessful therapy. My daughter was skeptical and caution going in, but by the end of the first day, it was clear that Kolby had eased her concerns and they could confidently proceed. Kolby also provided me with new information regarding my daughter’s issue, which was actually something called “cluttering”. As a formal special education teacher, I knew that her disfluency was atypical, but no one had ever provided me with an accurate diagnosis before.
In the months that followed, Kolby worked with my daughter weekly, and then every other week in our home. Each week she came with activities and games that were specifically chosen for my daughter’s unique goals. There were no boring or repetitive drills; instead integrative skill work was built into meaningful sessions. Kolby also made sure to find out what was going on at school and helped my daughter develop strategies for dealing with assignments that involved public speaking.
Within weeks of starting with Kolby we noticed a marked decrease in our daughters stuttering. With Kolby’s help she had increased her awareness of her stuttering and acquired understanding of possible antecedents. Furthermore, Kolby was able to give her the tools necessary for improving fluency. In less than six months, my daughter was able to meet her goal and “gradate” for speech, a fluent speaker!

In the time we have worked with Kolby, I have found her to be professional, warm, well prepared, and extremely knowledgeable. She has experience working with children of all ages, and it really showed in her positive interactions with my daughter. Preteens are not always the easiest individuals to get along with, but my daughter loved working with Kolby.

I highly recommend Kolby Kail without reservation."

Pam S. ~ Cardiff, CA